Riverside Church Budapest was started in the fall of 2014 by Dave and Karmi Buckley.  We knew going into this term that we would be a part of the team that would plant this new international church.  We basically assumed the role of associate pastors/youth pastors in late 2014.   Riverside Church grew from a handful of people to an average attendance of around 225, with a high of over 250.  Of course, during the COVID lockdowns we went to online services.  Once the restrictions eased, we began in-person services and were around 100 in attendance.  Attendance slowly increased over a few months.  Also, beginning in September, 2021 we began the renovation of an old disco.  After months of work, we moved into our new facility in April of 2022.  Attendance at the first service was 250.  We have been averaging about 180-190 since the move-in.  

We are truly an international church, as many nationalities are represented in our congregation.  There are also many who pass through our church once or twice when they are in Budapest for business or vacation.  We are thankful for the diversity that we have present on any given Sunday, and the opportunity to minister to so many who pass through our doors.


     God is doing great things at Riverside Church Budapest!

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